Points of sales

Chain stores, retail shops, outlets, showrooms, ...

Besides the sales data, the traffic in your premises is a major indicator of your brand popularity.
If you know it, you will be able to set up tools to increase your performance.
Counting your customers will provide you data :
To calculate the conversion rate and the attraction rate (of shop-windows)
To optimize your staff shifts according to the customers timetables
To analyse the rate of return on most investments (premises development, communication, promotional campaign)
To follow the trend of your business

Occupancy of public locations

Museums, swimming pools, event locations, office buildings, leisure parks, ...

Safety in public locations requires a rate of safe occupancy not to be overpassed. It is calculated according to the surface and the emergency exits of the site. The counting of entries and exits is the best way to know in real time the occupancy and to guarantee the best reception and the safety of your visitors :
To manage real time occupancy
To alert safety staff if the safe occupancy rate is overpassed
To organize the different locations of your site
To do a posteriori analysis of the attendance

Reception desks

Tourists' offices, libraries, town halls, galleries, ...

Occupancy indicator is the best criteria to measure the attraction of your location. It provides you the data to set up an accurate planning of welcome and information.
People counting helps you:
To manage your staff according to real time attendance
To organize the reception desk
To measure the impact of advertising campaigns
To attract advertisers
To justify your budget and your request for subsidies
To get the trends of tourism in your site

Shopping centres

Shopping malls, brand outlets, stores, hypermarkets, retail parks, ...

The attraction of a commercial site depends on its attendance. Data are essential to control daily traffic and to decide about the evolution of the site (events, development). It is also the only available means to assert the tenants' location values.
Get the counting of visitors:
To track the traffic streams
To determine commercial rents
To evaluate the impact of advertising campaigns
To compare sites

Temporary counting

Temporary shows, events, development, fitting out, ...

Whatever the reason, as a manager of events, it is your duty :
To guarantee public safety
To measure the performance of an event
To control the return on advertising investment
To improve the organization
To ask for partnerships
More generally, temporary counting is used for :
Pre-feasibility surveys
New concept evaluation

Other counting

Airports, railway stations, Industry, ...

People counting may be helpful in most occurrences implying occupancy and traffic. Counting data may be crossed with other sources to be used in the management of airports, stations, industry, public transport, ...


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